Friday, 7 September 2012

Letter to the editor : Take legal action against the perpetrators

Dear Editor,

The recent uproar that had been caused by some unruly and unpatriotic teenagers on the eve of Merdeka Day had been condemned by various NGOs and individuals who had then patriotically lodged police reports against the incident.

Not content with just stepping on the photograph of our country's leader,  someone would go as far as exposing his buttocks to the photo.

To date,  more than 172 reports had been received by the police on complaints over the incidents which had occured.

Who in their right mind would do something as crass as stepping on the picture of the beloved Prime Minister of our country and his wife? 

And only someone who is insane would go as far as exposing their buttocks to the picture and stepping on the photographs.

I am sure that patriotic,  peace loving Malaysians will not act to that extend of indecency because we are all raised up to be people who are decent and filled with Eastern values and morals.

Hence,  even though the father of the son who had exposed his buttocks had apologised publicly on behalf of his son,  this will not make up for what his son had done.

An apology is merely words but action speaks louder than words and the perpetrator had acted unscrupulously without feeling guilty.

He has not only hurt our Prime Minister's feelings,  but also the feelings of all patriotic Malaysians who love our Prime Minister.

Since this has already been an official police case due to the 172 reports lodged by various NGOs and individuals,  the case should go on and should not be swept under the carpet just because of a mere apology.

Therefore,  KDN and the authorities must take appropriate legal action against those involved to serve as an example for others not to break the country's law again.

Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein should act sternly and not just gave warnings to those who break the law and try to jeopardise our nation's harmony and security.

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