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CTs launch ferocious assaults on Bukit Kepong Police Station

        Sergeant Jamil did his night rounds about midnight February 23,  1950,  checked the compound sentries;  the prowler patrols;  the Enquiry Office sentries,  and the marine boat sentry.  He and some of the off duty constables chatted into the night in the Enquiry Office and retired long after midnight.

While Sgt. Jamil was doing his night rounds,  checking his Police Station defences and the Police Sentries about midnight February 23,  1950,  something very sinister was happening just about a mile away.

About the same time,  180 heavily armed CTs under cover of darkness were taking up forward attack positions near the Police Station.  They were poised for a sudden attack on Bukit Kepong Police Station.

There was not a movement or sound,  except for the occasional whistle of the night birds,  all was quiet and eerie.  At about 4.30 a.m. morning of February 23,  the Police sentries were wide awake.

At about 4.30 a.m.,  the CTs launched their well planned assault.  But the alert police sentries foiled their masterplan.  They noticed some figures moving in front of the police station and not receiving any reply to their challenge,  fired with their shotguns killing at least two of the prowlers.  The CT assault squad shot and badly wounded the marine police constable and then set fire to the police marine boat.  The CTs then sounded their bugle,  and attacked the Police Station with deadly automatic fire.

All the policemen immediately took pre-arranged defence positions and there was murderous fire from both sides.  The battle went on for about for three hours.  The CT Assault Squads were firing at the police station from the front and at the sides concentrating their fire on the defended areas.  The defenders were spitting out deadly fire,  and although the CTs were seven times stronger,  they could not overrun the police station even after three hours of ferocious battle.

In the midst of the battle,  when the police casualties were mounting,  the wives of the Constables took over the rifles from their dead husbands and continued firing till they themselves were wounded or killed.

Suddenly at about 6.30 a.m.  the bugle sounded again,  the signal for "cease fire",  and the CTs stopped firing.  A Malay CT,  known as Mat Indera,  using a loud hailer shouted to the Police:  "Surrender.  You are surrounded.  Surrender and you will not be killed."

Sgt. Jamil who was manning a bren gun in the defended area under the Police Station shouted defiantly: "Polis tidak akan menyerah.  Kami akan lawan sampai mati.  Biar putih tulang,  jangan putih mata".  Constable Othman Yusof and other Police also shouted defiantly: "Polis tidak akan menyerah." 

Immediately after that Mat Indera withdrew.  The CTs sounded the bugle for the third time -  the signal to commence firing and opened up with their murderous fire with automatic weapons.  The CTs being unable to conquer the Police Warrior even after three hours,  and anticipated that Police reinforcements may arrive at anytime,  resorted to a shameful tactic.

The CTs threw "molotove cocktails" (kerosene-filled bottles with burning flame)  into the wooden police station.  It caught fire and as the policemen ran out of the burning building,  they were mercilessly shot dead.

The communist terrorists then entered the police compound and threw the seriously wounded into the raging fire.

* CT (Communist Terrorist)

(Source :  The Struggle For Malaysian Independence - J.J. RAJ (JR)

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